ITE provides leading edge solutions to improve cold chain logistics
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Air-Cargo Cold Chain Logistics (ex. ANA)

  • Shipper/Forwarder
  • Air Cargo
  • Forwarder/Consignee
  • Forwarder
  • Airport
  • Airplane
  • Airport
  • Forwarder

Delivery in Normal Temperature

  • Normal Temp
  • Normal Temp
  • Frozen
machine-1 machine-2

Delivery 100 hours* with Passive Technology

  • Deliver in multiple temperature areas
  • Logistic in cold chain
  • Constant Temperature Management
  • Reduce Costs & CO2
  • Improve Quality

IB LD3 can maintain 100 hours with at 2C~8C with ambient 30C



ITE provides leading-edge solutions to improve cold chain logistics