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Q1. What type/kind of freezer should we need to freeze the IceBattery.

Each IceBattery plate for particular temperature needs to be frozen under plus -10C environment or below. For example, in case of 0C type plate, it requires -10C or below. If -25C plate, needs -35C or below freezer.

Q3. We want to reduce initial cost as much as we can. What's your suggestion?

One of our services, we provide customers with rental products of the IceBattery. We also suggests most suitable plan for them. For more details, please ask.

Q5. We cannot place a large number of plates in our small freezer. What should we do?

No problem. We provide prefabricated type freezer as well.

Q7. Can we freeze the different temperature type of IceBattery plates in one freezer at a time?

Yes. For example, you can place respective IceBattery plate for 0C,-16C, -25C in the freezer capable of -30C together, to freeze them at a time. For more details, please ask.

Q2. Can you print our company name/logo on the IceBattery box?

Yes. For more details, please ask.

Q4. Can we ask to customize the IceBattery products according as our request?

Yes. For more details, please ask.

Q6. How long can we use the IceBattery plates and box on average?

It will last for 3 years. Accoding to our performance test result, it shows it is reusable for 2,200 times as though depends on frequency of use.

Q8. Do you stipulate minimum quantity for an order?

Minimum order lot is 100 pcs and ordering lot must be multiple number of 100 pcs. Price differs depending on temperature plates. For more details, please ask.