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IceBattery® 20F Hybrid Container
Maintains ~3days of constant temperature-humidity to keep vegetables/fruit fresh
Product Specification
Product 20F Container
External Size(mm) W2438 x L6058 x H2591
Internal Size(mm) W2260 x L5460 x H1910
Tare Weight 4429kg(Including IceBattery® 429kg)
Voulme 23.5㎥
Weight 24,429kg
Actual Payload Volume 10,000~13,000kg as per payload
Power consumption 6.2Kwh/charging IceBattery®/Daikin
Supported hours 72hours(ambient+35℃)
Temperature 2℃~8℃
Humidity 70~90%
IceBattery® 1000L Cart
Ideal Cart for large volume, cold storage, and logistics
Product 1000 Lter Cart
Exterior(mm) W1080 x L1100 x H1600
Interior(mm) W920 x L920 x H1460
Weight 160kg
Chilled A3 0 ℃ 24 Units EA 2~8℃, 96h
Frozen A3 -25 ℃ 24 Units EA-15~20℃, 48h
IB Child Hours Frozen Hours Payload Size(l) Length(mm) Width(mm) Height(mm)
6 30 12 1148 920 920 1300
12 60 24
24 120 36
IceBattery® LD3 containers for transport Multiple Temperature -20C to 10C

This product is developed for the delivery of COVID vaccines. It can maintain temperature by combining IceBattery®
Exterior/mm W360 x L360 x H360
Interior/mm W230 x L230 x H230
Payload size/mm W180 x L180 x H180
Weight/kg 10.1 (Including IceBattery®)
This product is made of heat-insulating material. It can store or transport a large volume of vaccines.
Exterior/mm W440 x L440 x H440
Interior/mm W315 x L315 x H315
Payload size/mm W250 x L250 x H1250
Weight/kg 21 (Including IceBattery®)

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