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IceBattery® 20F Hybrid Container
Maintains ~3days of constant temperature-humidity to keep vegetables/fruit fresh
Product Specification
Product 20F Container
External Size(mm) W2438 x L6058 x H2591
Internal Size(mm) W2260 x L5460 x H1910
Tare Weight 4429kg(Including IceBattery® 429kg)
Voulme 23.5㎥
Weight 24,429kg
Actual Payload Volume 10,000~13,000kg as per payload
Power consumption 6.2Kwh/charging IceBattery®/Daikin
Supported hours 72hours(ambient+35℃)
Temperature 2℃~8℃
Humidity 70~90%
IceBattery® 1000L Cart
Ideal Cart for large volume, cold storage, and logistics
IceBattery® LD3 container
For Multiple Temperature Transport in Air Transport, -20°C to 10°C
IB-trace Capability and Global solution(IoT/AI)
IoT/IB-traceability is a device that comprises with more than 8 sensors along with 2G/3G tracking capabilities for long-term tracking and monitoring of assets and equipment, and it helps local and global cold chain logistics solution. This tracking device has 12 features, it could be realized to monitor remotely the products’ temperature, humidity, location, shock, tilt and more during transit.