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Pankaj Garg

Pankaj has acquired 33 years of knowledge including applied R&D, Engineering, Business Development, and Marketing in the field of AI(Artificial Intelligent)Robotics, IT, Semiconductor, Electric products, Cold Chain Logistics, Retail food industry, and healthcare. He has worked for Intel in an executive position for global product strategy for marketing, also participated in the Mobile Laptop Centrino project expanding its brand to worldwide success and deeply involved in the international market. He established a firm position for Intel in Asia, Europe, and America.

He is from India and graduated from Indian University majoring in Information Technology. He has been working in Japan for over 30 years and adopted Japanese as his second language. He got an MBA degree from American Fox Business School and obtains 25 key patents in semiconductor, renewable Energy(Cold Chain Logistics), and preservation fields.

Pankaj established ITE Co., Ltd in August 2007. Currently, he is in charge of the business as a CEO of the company presenting their high efficient ECO-friendly system reaching an excellent standard. Meanwhile, he has been in the role of the executive in opening business strategy at VIASPACE Co., Ltd: independent from NASA and has offered products from NASA. Pankaj has worked for Intel Corporation from 1998 to 2007 as a senior executive for global strategy, and has participated in mobile technology business and graphic product business development and achieved 80% market share. Since 1994 Pankaj has worked for CIRRUS LOGIC as an engineering/development and product marketing. From 1990 he has worked for Yasukawa Denki Co., Ltd as an R&D engineering and development. He also worked for Kobe Steel Co., Ltd as a Software Engineer.